Thursday, 17 August 2017


this week, your challenge is to... 
  • try grocery shopping waste-free. 
    • don't be intimidated, it's completely feasible!
      • (1) bring a box filled with mason jars/containers to a bulk food store. 
      • (2) when you walk in, ask the cashier to weigh your containers before filling them. 
      • (3) fill each container up with whatever you need. 
      • (4) when you get to the cash register, they will weigh each container and subtract it's original weight. 
        • after calculating, we found that it ended up being cheaper than COSTCO!
      • (5) then we walked next door to the farmer's market. 
      • (6) we bought all of our fruits and veggies without any packaging.
        • make sure to bring your own re-usable bags because otherwise they'll use plastic bags. 

Monday, 7 August 2017


this week, your challenge is to... 

  • shop second hand. 
    • 3% of global CO2 emissions are associated with clothing (out-sourced production, shipping, washing, drying, etc.) 
    • shopping second hand saves good clothing from piling up in a landfill. 
      • plus, it lowers the demand for clothing production! 

here are some super cool (and affordable) thrift shops around montreal...
(1) NOVA 
(3) Eva B

Tuesday, 1 August 2017


this week, your challenge is to... 

  • recycle styrofoam.
    • although you cannot recycle styrofoam on your own (in my city at least), you can bring it to a municipal garage and they will recycle it for you.
    • in the city of kirkland, you can deposit your styrofoam here!
      • if you are unsure about your city's regulations, give them a phone call!
      • for example, your town should have an information page like this one!

Monday, 24 July 2017


this week, your challenge is to... 

  • visit your local farmer's market.
    • (1) handmade and homegrown food means less packaging.
    • (2) shopping local is better for the environment. 
    • (3) farmer's markets support local families and farmers. 
    • (4) you will know where your food comes from. 
    • (5) shopping local will save you a few dollars.
    • (6) visiting communal events allows you to connect with your community.
    • here are some great farmer's markets around Quebec. 
  • if you are looking to REDUCE plastic packaging, you can check out this farm
    • every week, you can select which fruits and veggies you would like.
    • then, you can pick up the boxes of food from pick-up spots near you!
    • the fresh, organic produce is delivered in returnable cardboard boxes.
      • although some of the smaller produce is packaged, it certainly reduces the amount of plastic packaging that you would normally get from grocery stores. 
      • you can recycle your plastic bags here once you are done with them. 

Monday, 17 July 2017


this week, your challenge is to... 

  • make your own cleaning products. 
    • WHO? --> you!
    • WHAT? --> dish soap, glass cleaner, wooden floor cleaner, greasy pot rescue, sink cleaner, sticky residue remover. 
    • WHERE? --> at home. 
    • WHEN? --> when you run out of your current supply, make these instead of buying new ones. 
    • WHY? --> (1) to reduce waste. (2) to avoid harsh chemicals. (3) to save money. 
    • HOW? --> Find all the recipes here!

Monday, 10 July 2017


this week, your challenge is to... 

  • start composting.
    • (1) to minimize landfills.
      • > residential waste is made up of 40% compostable materials!
    • (2) to save money.
      • > you'll no longer have to buy chemical fertilizers.  
    • (3) to save resources
      • > compost helps with water retention so you'll waste less water. 
    • (4) to improve your soil. 
      • > compost returns valuable nutrients to the soil. 
    • (5) to reduce your environmental impact. 
      • > decrease CO2 emissions caused by vehicles who transport waste. 
      • > stop chemical fertilizers from running off into our rivers, lakes and streams. 
      • > diminish groundwater pollution caused by buried organics (when they react with metals in landfills).

- Check out these basic tips to become more familiar with composting. 
- Look up your city's composting regulations to see if there is a program you can follow.
- Watch this video to learn how to compost on your own! 

Monday, 3 July 2017


this week, your challenge is to... 

  • reduce fast food. 
    • (something to think about): in one visit to a fast food restaurant, your food will be wrapped in paper, shoved in a plastic bag/paper sack that is filled with paper napkins, plastic straws, plastic utensils, and condiments wrapped in plastic...
    • you don't need to completely eliminate fast food cold turkey...just try to lessen.